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Molokai Chamber of Commerce.


The Molokai Chamber represents the business community on Molokai, and our businesses are the backbone of our island economy…They’re what keeps Molokai going.

As Molokai’s most trusted business organization, our focus is to be a Business Advocate for our members, to Support their businesses, and provide opportunities to Network with other members.  We’re constantly working together to ensure our business family is empowered to do what they do best…Business.

We’ve made some recent changes to our website to provide you with additional resources and information to help you and your business thrive in these unique economic times.  If you have any questions, please send us an E-mail and we’ll get back with you straight away.


Robert Stephenson, President and CEO


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We work closely with the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, Neighbor Island Chambers and other Business Organizations to provide a unified voice to the State Legislature and Maui County Council to ensure the freedom to operate and provide a favorable climate for our member businesses.


We provide information and resources for our member businesses to help them thrive in today’s business environment.


Being the largest and most trusted business organization on Molokai, we provide an environment where our members can get together to find collaborative solutions to strengthen their businesses and our island economy and increase our Statewide presence.